April 12, 2021

Let's Talk About Wellness

Let's Talk About Wellness

In this episode we speak with three guests, Haley, Ashley, and Will. This conversation surrounds  what the concept of wellness means to them, their personal journeys through wellness, and advice on how to apply the lessons they've learned along the way to beginning, maintaining, and maximizing wellness in our own lives.

Our goal here at melting pot talks is to facilitate genuine, honest, and in-depth conversations between people of different backgrounds and perspectives who are interested in exploring the important and interesting issues surrounding our everyday lives. This is only possible through the participation of everyday people who are passionate about their beliefs, but understand that we all still have a lot to learn from each other. 

So  if you want to be on the show, please use the links below to send us an email, message through Twitter/IG, or use our website and follow the "Join the Conversation" link. We'll be streaming future recordings to clubhouse, and offering a bonus Q and A session at the end to participating clubhouse members.

Our Guests Today:

First up is Haley Gann, a self-proclaimed Crispy Bacon Contessa and Crossfit Affiliate Owner. She owns a kickass gym called CrossFit BangBANG in preciously pollinated Upstate South Carolina where they've been running game on FITness for 7 years. Before that, she trained triathlon, bashed around at roller derby, kickboxed and a myriad of other sports that concuss. she found her Home in the constantly varied, high intensity hub that is booty shorts and moxie. And Grit. And Balls. And Rad Community. And really nice Butts. She always brings intensity and a smile

Next up we heard from Ashley Smith , Ashley currently works at Amazon Web Services as a quality assurance manager for curriculum developers. Open minded and full of wanderlust, Ashley enjoys immersing herself in other cultures and delving into the deeper meanings of life and how individuals live. She loves keeping up to date on health and fitness trends and is a certified nutrition coach.

And finally, we had Will McMichael, Will  is a personal trainer, actor, and writer. He began training over a decade ago and has built his business around helping people find enjoyment in bringing fitness into their daily lives. He is a big believer in mace training and other forms of functional strength. He lives in Las Vegas. 

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