March 23, 2021

Let's Talk About Personal Faith & Public Responsibility

Let's Talk About Personal Faith & Public Responsibility

In today's conversation we explore how individuals balance their personal world views with creating public policy and enforcing governance over a diverse population of people.  

The discussion is bit from our different from our usual format. Originally we had 3 guests from different backgrounds and locations lined up to record, unfortunately, 2 of them had to cancel at the last minute.  Instead of canceling the show, we adjusted a bit and had more of a traditional 1:1  interview with our remaining guest, Gerald. 

While it wasn't what we had originally planned, I'm grateful that Gerald agreed to stick around and continue the conversation with me. 

Our goal here at melting pot talks is to facilitate genuine, honest, and in-depth conversations between people of different backgrounds and perspectives who are interested in exploring the important and interesting issues surrounding our everyday lives. This is only possible through the participation of everyday people who are passionate about their beliefs, but understand that we all still have a lot to learn from each other. 


So  if you want to be on the show, please use the links below to send us an email, message through Twitter/IG, or use our website and follow the "Join the Conversation" link. We'll be streaming future recordings to clubhouse, and offering a bonus Q and A session at the end to participating clubhouse members.

Our Guest Today:
Gerald, AKA,Gerry, aka Dry Toast, is the host of his own podcast, The Fact of The Matter, where he researches the facts behind many controversial historical battles and religious, scientific and philosophical issues. Together with his sidekick, Dan Fondo, they delve deep into the facts and inject a little humor along the way.

Being both a man of science and a man of religion, as well as a history buff, he has strong personal interest in exploring all these areas.

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