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Detail this sites mission statement and how we conduct business.


  1. Find a conversation topic you're interested in on this website, Facebook, or Twitter.

  2. Comment and engage in the conversation as much as you like.

  3. If you see a conversation you would like to participate in live, sign up using the link provided in the Facebook/Twitter Post or clicking "Join The Conversation" button above.

  4. You will need to sign in or create an account with us so we can confirm contact information and tech compatibility for participation (We will hold separate sessions to confirm participants can join and participate in a live conversation).



  1. Live conversations will be held every other week on Thursday, Friday, and/or Friday (depending on the number of topics we get participants signed up for).

  2. We will determine topics for the live conversation and participants based on overall interest in the topic as well as interest in participation. 

  3. The conversation its self will follow a specific format (linked on left of this screen).

  4. Live conversations will be held via WebEx meeting software and sign in/equipment check will start 1/2 hour prior to assigned time to allow for participants to sign in and address any tech issues.

  5. The conversation will be recorded and made available as a podcast on the website, social media, and iTunes.


Live conversations will follow a specific format intended to facilitate communication, minimize interruption, encourage evidence-based arguments, and solicit solutions. This format may and likely will change and evolve with time as we learn more about how to most efficiently and effectively facilitate the goals of these conversations.


Currently, the format we will follow is shown below:

  1. Introduce Debate Topic

    • Note that except for the open forum section of conversation, only 1 participant will be able to speak at a time.

    • They will be given a time limit in which to state their case.

    • During this time all other participants will be muted.

  2. Participant Opening Statements/ arguments regarding topic

  3. Rebuttal & Clarification #1

    • Each participant can either clarify their statement, rebut a previous participants statement.

    • If a participant's argument is rebutted, they will get to respond. Maximum of 2 exchanges for each participant (4 total, giving defending participant last word).

    • Max of 1 min each turn (max possibility of 4 min per rebuttal)

  4. Common Ground #1

    • Each participant is encouraged to try and find anywhere they agree with others on the panel (if any).

  5. Rebuttal & Clarification #2

    • Same process as above

  6. Open Forum​

  7. Rebuttal #3

    • Same as above

  8. Proposed solutions

    • Same format as rebuttals, but focused on what can/should be done.

  9. Common Ground #2

    • Same as above

  10. Closing Statements

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